March 5th, 1996

[Japanese is here]

At approx.18:10
      ...The Hokkaido University seismometer records some volcanic related
         subterranean shifting 500m below the earth surface which lasted 
         six minutes.
At approx.18:40
      ...Higashi Onuma. Ikusagawa and Onakayama (Mt. Yokotsu) have reported between l-1.5cm
         of volcanic ash. 

ETIMEHOTKEY * The pictures below show the layer of volcanic ash on snow.

19:00...Nanae Town Office issues a warning to Onuma area as a precautionary measure.
19:30...Nanae establishes a team to operate from its headquarters in Town office.
At approx.19:35 ...The seismometer records a very minute quake.
20:00...Regional Development and Constitution Department headquarters established.
21:00...Hokkaido Perfecture Government, Hakodate District Public Works Management Office
         headquarters established. 
21:30...Oshima-Hokkaido headquarters established.
21:40...Five towns send people to form a team in Mori.
At approx.22:00 ...Komagatake's emissions change from white smoke to black for only
                     fifteen minutes.
At approx.22:40 ...The base of the smoke is black . Smoke blows towards Shikabe because
                     of the wind.
At approx.23:05 ...A slight eruption is witnessed, and ash falls in Choshiguchi
                     (south- east 6 km) and Nanae Ski Resort (southeast 12km).
                     Since Hokkaido University commenced use of a seismometer to track
                     Komagatake's seismic activity (in 1966), this is the first
                     time any activity has been recorded. 

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